The final product is mainly delivered in filet packages of 3 or 5 kg. These are available in different sizes. In accordance with the wishes of the client, other forms of packages are possible (print, other sizes, other weights, fresh or frozen).

No stock is kept on location. Only what is ordered is produced. Each day the day production goes to the client

Quality & Traceability

Quality is a high standard at Claresse Visverwerking and it therefore works according to HACCP and BRC guidelines. In the processing firm the fish goes through a line where it is treated partly mechanically and partly manual.

Hygiene and refrigeration are of course important points. Each day, after the desired amount of fish is processed, everything is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.

It is possible to trace each product back from the client to the birth and the parent stock. This can be done quick and easy thanks to a well thought out code system. This system includes that fish from the same production stay together during the whole growth process. At the processing firm each day group gets a unique code that links back to the production codes.